Carver hydraulic presses to become the world’s first natural gas powered electric power plant

Carver Energy, the Canadian company behind the world first hydraulic press, says it will soon be able to power its power plants by converting its conventional gas turbines to electric generators.

The company’s pressurized hydroelectric generator system, which has been operating for the past several years at a hydroelectric dam in Manitoba, Canada, has been successfully powering the hydroelectric power plant for the last two years, and it’s expected to become a viable alternative to natural gas when it’s completed.

The new system is being built by the Canadian Hydropower and Energy Corporation (CHEC), a subsidiary of TransCanada Corp. and will be part of CHEC’s long-term plan to expand its energy infrastructure in the United States.

The CHEC said in a statement that the system will be capable of generating electricity from both natural gas and hydro.

CHEC says the system can produce energy in both horizontal and vertical applications.

It’s also expected that the new system will allow for more efficient use of resources, and that it will have lower costs for electricity generation, which is a major factor for CHEC, which needs to be competitive in a global marketplace.CHEC is not the only company working on the new natural gas power plant.

North Dakota-based Enbridge Inc. also has a similar power plant concept, and Enbridge’s technology has been tested on a few dams in the U.S. and Canada.

The Canadian company has already built three of the units, and CHEC is planning to produce a fifth unit with a more conventional gas turbine.

A second unit with an electric generator is expected to come online by 2022, with the final unit in 2021.