‘Super-Pressurized’ Fuel Tank For Rockets: What Is It?

The U.S. military is looking for a new way to safely store fuel for its rocket and rocket booster programs.

A new fuel tank will be used to store liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen for the two types of rockets and booster vehicles.

The Army is seeking proposals for a tank that could store hydrogen and oxygen for rocket and booster launches, and for tank-to-tank communication between the rocket and launch vehicle, Army officials said.

The Army wants to use the new tank to store fuel in a liquid-oxygen format for its long-range rocket systems, which are designed to travel through space for a long time.

The tank would be used for the liquid-fueled Atlas V rocket and the Delta IV rocket that launches astronauts to the International Space Station, the officials said in a press release.

It would also serve as the “battery” of a rocket or booster that will provide propulsion for the vehicle to reach its destination.

The tank could be used during an orbital launch, for example, to deliver cargo to the space station.

The fuel tank is being designed to store at least 2.7 billion pounds of fuel, or 2,400,000 kilograms, of liquid hydrogen, according to a NASA press release on Thursday.

That would be enough to carry one-third of a launch vehicle to orbit, including the two Atlas V and Delta IV rockets that the U.,S.

government has used to launch astronauts into orbit.

The new fuel-tank would be a new concept for NASA.

Previously, the agency has relied on the tank used for fuel storage for the space shuttle, which has carried supplies to the orbiting laboratory.NASA plans to submit the proposed tank for consideration for certification as a final design by the Air Force, according a NASA spokesman.NASA has also requested proposals for tank design for its upcoming unmanned cargo missions.NASA’s Atlas V rockets have carried astronauts to space on more than 20 missions, including a historic first for humans in 1972.

The space shuttle is the only commercial rocket capable of returning supplies to Earth.