Honda’s ‘Hydraulic Press Game’ Could Hit the Fan in 2020

The Honda Civic Type R, which has been a hit with fans since its launch in 2016, will see its debut in the US market in 2020, the company announced.

Honda’s press lock system will also be introduced on all Civic Type RS and Civic Type X vehicles starting with the 2018 model year. 

According to Honda, the press lock can be configured with various functions to enhance the user’s enjoyment of the car, from enabling the car to be locked or unlocked remotely, to enabling a full-fledged game mode, to automatically locking and unlocking the car on demand.

Honda also announced the Civic Type C, which will be released in the first half of 2021, as well as the Civic Si, Civic Type F, and Civic Si Touring models in the second half of the year.

In addition to these new cars, Honda is also launching a new, premium-class sedan called the Honda Civic Si sedan. 

The new Si will be the first of the Civic lineup to receive the press release announcement. 

“Hydraulics is the next evolution of the iconic press lock design that is already used on our Honda Civic, Civic Si and Civic EX,” said Honda US President and CEO, Andrew Loh.

“It allows you to unlock your car and unlock your friends, whether that means playing a game, sharing a photo, or just enjoying your ride.

In addition to the Civic type press lock feature, the Honda press lock will also offer a unique, exclusive, and unique user experience that combines the best of Honda’s advanced sensor technology with the latest technologies and innovations in software to provide an unmatched driving experience.”

The press release does not mention pricing or availability, but it does say that “all Civic Type vehicles will be available in the 2018 models year with press lock” in the U.S. “All Civic Type and Civic sedan models will be offered in 2018 in the United States.”

According to the press report, Honda’s new press lock features will be launched in both the US and Europe in the next few weeks, but they will be sold separately in North America.

Honda will be offering the press system in North American dealerships starting with October 30.