When you’re pumping out water and you want to get it to the ground, how to handle the hydraulic press

AUSTIN, Texas — A new hydraulic press foil design will make hydraulic pumps more secure and easier to install and remove, but a state agency said it’s not yet ready to move forward with the technology.

State Rep. Jason Villalba, D-Austin, said the state agency will review hydraulic press design and certification processes in the coming weeks.

He said the panel will hold public hearings on the topic and may make recommendations to the Legislature.

The state will begin working on the new design in 2017, he said.

The Texas Water Development Board approved the new hydraulic system design in July, saying it could be in place for water-storage facilities and wastewater treatment facilities in 2019.

That would make it the first system in the state to use the foil system.

The foil system will have an integrated and modular design that will provide more secure operation and maintenance.

The board also said the design will improve hydraulic pump reliability and reduce the need for maintenance.

It will be installed on the entire system, the board said.