Canucks’ ‘water-pump’ system is coming to the NHL

The Canucks have a brand new hydraulic press in the works and will be using it at training camp, but it is not being used in the playoffs.

“We’re really excited about that, and it’s something we’ll be able to bring to the league with the team,” said Dan Hamhuis, the Canucks vice president of player personnel.

The Canucks’ press system is the first step toward an NHL-wide press policy that is expected to begin this season.

For example, teams are not allowed to use the press at all during training camp.

It also is not allowed during the regular season.

There are some logistical issues to overcome, however.

The press system requires a special hydraulic drill, so teams are still trying to figure out exactly what that means.

“The drill is really important,” Hamhui said.

“We’re using it for our own drills, we’re using for our drills, but we don’t use it for competitions.

It’s not really something we’ve really looked at.”

The press system can also be used to help the team make adjustments to the ice and get a feel for the speed and speed of the puck.

“We have the drill that’s on the drill board and the press board and it tells us exactly what the speed is, what the acceleration is, and how far we have to go to the net,” Hamruis said.

Hamhuis said the team will use the drill for scrimmages and training camp as well.

We’re going to be using this for all our practices, not just training camp and then maybe the playoffs.

“The Canucks have had a press system in place for the last few years, but this year they are starting to get serious about bringing it to the playoffs and beyond.

The Canucks used their hydraulic press system during the 2014 playoffs when they defeated the Detroit Red Wings in seven games.

The team has also used the press for training camp in the past and is planning to do so again this season as well, Hamhus said.

The press is a part of the Canucks new system that is being developed as a part to a wider set of rules and regulations.

There are still some work to be done on the new system, and Hamhues admitted the team is still in the process of designing it.

He also said the new drill has not been in use at all in training camp or games yet.

Hamhues said the goal is to be able use it on all the practices.”

Hopefully, it will be on the ice in training camps and maybe in the first game.””

Hopefully we’ll get to it this year.

Hopefully, it will be on the ice in training camps and maybe in the first game.”

The system will also be a part in the new rules for goaltending.

It is not expected to impact the goaltending rules in the future.

Hamuis acknowledged the press will need to be used more during the season.

It has been used for training camps, games and scrimmaging.

“I’m really excited,” Hambuis said, “that we’ve got the system that we’ve been working on.”

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