What a shitty joke

JustDustin, an American-based hydraulic press company, has been caught on camera at a fracking press plant.

In the video, the company is shown pouring fracking fluid onto a conveyor belt and using it to press a hydraulic press press, a press with an enclosed pressurizer, which produces hydraulic fluids.

JustDustins logo is visible.

The company’s website says its hydraulic press is used in “over 80% of U.S. wells.”

The company has been in trouble before for this kind of behavior, but this time it appears to have been caught out.

Just Dustin is owned by a group called Oil & Gas, Inc., and it is not affiliated with the fracking industry.

Just a month ago, Just Dustins owner said the company had a $1 million safety plan for the pressurized pressurized water, and it was working to implement it.

Just dustin said it had not yet received a formal complaint about the video.

“It is our intention to address the matter with our supplier, who has informed us that the video was taken by a third party, and we are currently working with our supply chain to rectify the situation,” Just Dustini said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.