‘Hydraulic press’ design allows for less water, less carbon dioxide, less pollution

A hydraulic press has been invented that is both easier to manufacture and more efficient than existing technology, allowing for less land use and a smaller carbon footprint than conventional designs, according to a paper published in the journal Science Advances.

The new technique uses the use of a porous silicon substrate that absorbs and converts heat into electricity.

By reducing heat losses, the press can make use of the excess heat, which is used to produce more electricity.

The technology, developed by scientists at Stanford University, is an adaptation of a conventional press that uses water to pump steam to create electricity.

They were able to reduce heat losses to about 10 per cent.

The researchers believe that they can produce up to 20 per cent less water and carbon dioxide by using this technology than conventional hydraulic press.

The technique can also reduce the use-to-power ratio by up to 50 per cent, allowing the use more electricity per unit volume.

This is a significant step towards reducing the impact of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases on the climate.

The press has a number of advantages, according the paper: It is a simpler technology than existing hydraulic press designs, meaning that the pressure can be used in a wide range of applications.

It can produce energy quickly and efficiently.

It reduces water usage and carbon emissions.

“We believe that the press is the most promising and effective solution to our energy and carbon needs, and this will pave the way for other technologies to be developed for the extraction and storage of water,” said the paper’s lead author, Andrew Tewksbury, professor of civil and environmental engineering and of materials science and engineering at Stanford.

He added that there were many other potential applications of the press that could be made from it.

The research was supported by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

The article, “A new approach to hydraulic press-driven methanol production using porous silicon substrates,” was published in Science Adv 2018:1205.

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