Viking Hydraulic Press Cuts ‘Gunslinger’ Gun in Two by J. Michael Bailey

By J. Mike BaileyThe Viking Hydraulics press clamp is a one-piece hydraulic press clamp designed to cut guns and other large objects, and the press clamp can cut steel in a matter of seconds.

The press clamp’s unique design allows it to work effectively on all sorts of metal objects, such as guns and knives.

Its ability to cut metal, and therefore guns and tools, in less than a second is a huge advantage over traditional press clamps, which can take hours or days to accomplish a task.

The company behind the press clamp, J.

Michael Bailey’s Viking Hydraulas, says its clamp can easily cut a 2.5-inch-thick steel bar with ease, which means you can cut guns from nearly any length of a piece of steel.

It’s been a long journey for Bailey, who has been making hydraulic press claps for about three years.

He started by learning to cut steel using a metal saw and the Hammerhead drill, then he began using a hydraulic press on a range of objects to cut them up.

When the drill broke, he realized that it was going to be a big deal to have to replace the drill, so he started to work on a hydraulic clamp, which he says can cut anything from 2.75-inch steel to 2.25-inch titanium.

It is not a perfect product.

Bailey has said that the clamp’s accuracy will suffer, as it is too small to handle guns or other large items, but its accuracy is a big plus for the user.

The clamp has been used on weapons like guns, hammers, and even golf clubs.

It is also used to cut off large objects such as a knife’s blade.

If you are wondering how the press-clamp works, its a combination of two different components, the press and the clamp.

First, there is the hydraulic press.

The press sits between the clamp and the cutting surface.

When pressed on, the clamp pulls the object out of the press.

This causes the press to move the object, which is then pushed back into the press by the clamp, as illustrated in the picture below.

The hammerhead drill is the part of the clamp that the press is pressed on to.

The drill press can be removed and the hammerhead drilled by a hand tool, which allows for easy removal of the hammer from the clamp in seconds.

Bailey says he also uses a metal-cutting wheel to cut the clamp from the hammer, which lets him cut a lot of objects at once.

In the picture above, the hydraulic clamp is visible through the press wheel.

He has also designed a press clamp for a knife, which cuts a blade and then an open end of a blade, making it easier to cut large knives.

This is how it works, which Bailey says is the most important part of its design.

To cut something, the hammer is driven to the cutting edge, and as the hammer gets closer to the edge, the pressure of the hydraulic pressure pushes the blade onto the cutting piece.

The pressure from the press then pushes the knife blade back into place.

The knife blade then falls into the clamp as it moves down the clamp onto the tool, making the clamp very easy to operate.

The clamp also has an internal spring to pull it back into position, as shown in the photo above.

As mentioned, the Hammerheads drill can be seen in the top-right corner of the picture, just below the hammer.

This is the spring mechanism.

It holds the clamp firmly in place when the drill is not in use.

If the hammer does not move when the hydraulic hammer is not pressed, the spring will fail.

The hydraulics design allows the clamp to operate reliably even when the hammer isn’t pressed, as the hydraulic pressing mechanism is designed to operate when the pressure from a hydraulic hammer moves the hammer forward or backward.

Ba Bailey says that the hydraulic grip of the HammerHeads drill makes it easy to hold, even on the smallest objects.

The HammerHead hydraulic press is also a perfect tool for cutting off tools, including cutting blades, saws, saw bits, and other tools that are too large for the press’s clamp to handle.

The hydraulic press can also cut through thick metal and is designed for this purpose, so it cuts with ease.

If you have an old-fashioned saw or drill, this can be a problem, but if you have a hydraulic drill, the Hydraulic press can cut through the metal in seconds, just like Bailey says it will cut steel.

The best part of this hydraulic press?

It can cut just about anything in a short time, as Bailey says.

You just need to learn how to use it.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.