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How to use an aluminum hydraulic press

It’s no secret that many people in the oil and gas industry are nervous about hydraulic fracturing, the process of extracting oil and natural gas from shale rock.In recent years, a number of companies have attempted to build their...

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Metal press

The world’s biggest hydrocarbon company will open a new plant in Indonesia to make hydraulic rinses and paper

A large Indonesian hydrocarbon producer will begin production of high-strength, high-value cellulose fibers at its new plant, the company said on Monday.HBT Group said in a statement it had opened a new facility in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta that will...

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Why you should always use a hydraulic press when working on your hair

The hydraulic press is a type of pressure-based tool used in a number of different industries including, but not limited to, building, construction, mining, agriculture, food processing, and construction equipment.A hydraulic press uses a piston to press down on...

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